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2021 Art Awards

The Feilding and Districts Art Society’s 2021 Art Awards are the latest iteration of our annual art competition. Each year, artists from across our membership base, as well as the public-at-large, are invited to submit works into each of our award categories. This year’s event was bigger than ever, attracting over 140 entries.

On October 14, we announced the winners in each of the following categories:

  1. Youth Award: won by Chanel Currie for Exotic – Bearded Dragon
  2. Painting (oils and acrylics): won by Chris Bone for Manawatu Gorge
  3. Painting (all other painted media): won by Katie Russell for Wolves in the Garden
  4. Photography: won by Mary Lewis for Winter Vista
  5. 3D Art: won by Joanne Philips for On Guard
  6. The Supreme Award: won by Melissa Haywood for Down by the Riverside

The winners’ works will be exhibited in the Art Centre window from now until November 9. But, there is plenty more to see inside. Come have a look at the brilliant and diverse works on display, and take a look at the winning pieces up close!

2021 Art Awards Exhibition: October 15 – November 9

We thank Gull Fuel NZ and Aotearoa Art Supplies for supporting this exhibition.

Installation View: Painting (oils and acrylics)